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Client's Speak: "Got married only by registering over at www.matrimonialvivah.com "

Matrimonial Business is at its peak in India and worldwide. There is a wide choice available in the matrimonial category to choose from, it becomes a hectic task for the users to decide which matrimonial to opt. The emergence of a number of Matrimonial services with the advancement of technology has resulted in a rapid replacement of traditional matrimonial methods, because of the major merit that Matrimonial Services provide over traditional matrimonial ways. The only drawback of Online Matrimonial Sites is the authenticity of the profiles, as anybody can fill in any detail on an Online Matrimonial Site. But there is always the option of doing personalized checks on the selected person. In Such a competitive scenario Matrimonialvivah enjoying its success with its members and sharing ample profiles with them and overcome with this drawback of authenticity, since 1993. Matrimonialvivah started with a small home setup and now re-formed and updated itself according to the new environment. 

We have tie-ups with 250+Marriage Bureau (Matrimonial service providers) in Delhi/NCR . We can share your particulars and Pictures (without contact details) with our Bureau partners for finding the perfect match. (If you have any objection with this sharing intimate us before, otherwise it will be taken as acceptable to you)

Share your Particulars as well as your photograph with us for making the perfect match for you or for your loved ones. 

The profile can be shared by
1. Filling up form by visiting our office in Rohini
2. Or emailing us your full Particulars at laganmandap@ymail.com 
3. Or you can update your particulars by clicking Join Us (Maximum waiting period for you for receiving profiles is 7-15 days.) Once you will start receiving profiles you have to revert for the profile whether acceptable to you or not, if not then why, Reason.  Reason is asked so that we can make our future search better and according to your requirement only. 


If looking for your bride or groom your search ends here in Rohini, Delhi.

What are others doing?  Just making a profile on Matrimonial Site Your information is displayed and visible to everyone.

The customization option at various Online Matrimonial Sites enables one to restrict viewers to one's profile as well as determine as to who can see what but it hardly work. You have to contact the another party directly which sometimes proved to be little awkward. Mostly the profiles being displayed are fake ones. 

Looking for customized Matrimonial services? 

Here is an instant and perfect solution for you. Matrimonialvivah is one of the Best Indian Matrimonial Sites. The Online Matrimonial Site has gained rapid popularity owing to its result oriented Online Matrimonial Services. Matrimonialvivah offers expert Indian Matchmaking Services since 1993. 

To know more about the Matrimonial services, log on to the website www.Matrimonialvivah.com

Director words: "We cannot foretell who will marry whom: As two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other, and two people who do not even know each other may marry each other in the end."


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Miss Prachi

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Ache Sache Rishtey™ 140-Vikas Surya Shopping Plaza, 1st Floor, Mangalam Palace, Near M2k Movie Hall Rohini Sector 3, Delhi - 110085

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Laganmandap@ymail.com, Laganmandap3@gmail.com

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