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Donít Behave like a Boomerang:

When your partner behaves badly, your first feeling may be to reciprocate. What could help you respond more healthily? In a series of studies, romantically-involved individuals react to scheme wherein their partner acted in a unkind and hurtful way (e.g., bringing them to a family get-together but then overlooking them). People who took their partner’s Aspect and their view-point  (vs. their own) reacted with more love- and caring-related emotions, better understood their partner’s outlook, and tried to find positive quick fix to the affair.

Perspective-takers also respond with the following things:

Empathy: A rapport should be developed in such a way that both can understand each other words and silence.
Reasonableness: A good relationship can be maintained with good sense, rationality and intelligence.
Sensitivity and less Anger: They are conscious about themselves their behaviour and in result shows less anger.
Blamed their partner less: They are so calm and composed that they don’t blame their partners for each and every thing they analyse and see their work and behaviour.
Avoided lashing out: They don’t hurt their partners.
Thus, perspective-taking can help you navigate relationship conflict; put yourself in your partner’s shoes before reacting to bad behavior.

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