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Late Marriages or Delayed Marriages by Chance or by Choice:

Couples: Two individuals who meet & understand each other and after decide to tie in wedlock. Marriages are made in heaven, where, when the two will meet also depends upon almighty and sanjog. Matrimony service providers, like Matrimonialvivah has full faith in god that families who are associated with them is only because god has something or other have decided that is why we both are together, As well said , “Everything which happens, happens only for a reason”.

Couples who are together and who fall apart is not because they wanted it to be like that, it happens because that prime mover has something else for them. If we talk about the late marriages, Individuals who are still unmarried and have crossed the right age of marriage is not because they have not found the right match, it is because god has something great for them which is yet to come.

Brides and grooms who are in their thirties are delayed marriage cases. Delayed marriage or a late marriage is a common phenomenon nowadays. Individuals in this age give reasons for not yet married such as they are career oriented and were involved in their business and earning hard, so they don’t have time for all this shaadi stuff. There are also some people who are searching for their life-partners, but not able to find one according to their preferences are still unmarried and have crossed their right age of marriage. In these cases what is required is showing them the right direction and guiding them about their choice, i.e. for e.g. if a groom is of 35 years of age having good business income and personality plus strong family background, but still not married because they are strict with their caste that they want in specific community only then they may face this issue further as well. So there is a need of proper guidance to them which is provided by Matrimonialvivah. They focus on the need and preferences of their clients individually and if they seem to be acceptable then only they start working on their profiles otherwise they refuse the profile. To be brides and grooms should understand that if they want to settle in their life then they should compromise at some level so that their marriage can be finalized.

If marriage is not yet finalized and the reason is due to sanjog, then it is possible that no one was there to help and guide you at that right moment when you had some good choices and you refused them, maybe there were some unacceptable demands like you must be strictly demanding a bride who should be five-six years younger to you which is not acceptable, etc.

Thus, good advice and appropriate direction can save your luck and can save you from excuses for still unmarried.

Matrimonialvivah building family relations since 1993, register yourself find your soul-mate. Don’t let yourself hooked up in the Late marriage category, when we can set you free and arrange your marriage.

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