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Make her smile,she deserve it.:

My hubby is so caring my wife is so possessive,he's so lovable,she so outgoing,Best part of him best part of her...blah blah blah.... My friends these days are just spending their time in telling me the best & worst of their partners, i know guys you all are liking and disliking your partners habits...but Everybody is just #Perfect in their own ways..

Here are few jotted things that you should do to make your partner smile:

1) Surprise her with a nice dinner..cook something and if you just can't at-least arrange surprise Dinner outing.
2) Text her a lovable message at-least one message,to make her smile.
3) Call her beautiful,instead pretty or cute.
4) Hold her hand while walking,Hold her hand while crossing road.she will feel loved.
5) Bring her flowers for no reasons.
6) Buy her a pair of rings or anklets so that every time she wears it, she will think about you.
7) Give her a bear hug daily.
8) Play with her casually.
9) Support her ambition.It will help her in work-Life balance.
10) Don't get jealous of her guys friends.Never impose restrictions on her.This will let her know that you trust her.
11) Slow-dance with her with even if there is no music.
12) Unexpectedly,Tell her one thing you liked about her, when you met her first day.
13) Tell her how much you Love her.Expressing your feelings once in a while is good for your relation.

Share more suggestions with Matrimonialvivah to make her smile.

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