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Marriage: Meeting of Two Minds:

Meeting of two minds: Two souls who are living together, sharing their lives, their daily routine, their happiness and sorrows interest are couples who are tied in a knot of holy matrimony. Marriage is not only about two lives coming in a close relationship its all about how you maintain that bond.

How to establish understanding between each other and a sense of togetherness for a blissful wedding.This requires a few things if one tries to follow them life can be much more lively.One thing which one should keep in mind and stay away from is “EGO” - the “I” or self of any person.This is so unhealthy feeling if one adopts it in his/her life can result into very serious issue.

Some points one should kept in mind which can establish a harmony between two couples can be:

1)      Patience: Have a calm attitude towards each other maintain a state of composure,try to control yourself and your temper,try to minimize your frustration,maintain work-life balance and for this you need to quiet your mind and sense of peace.
Listen: Give all ears to each other words, take a notice of your words what you say will also come back to you so what you want to listen will decide your own words.
Silent: Be silent and listen, don’t argue, try to keep yourself calm and maintain the rhythm of life, to maintain harmony in married life follow give and take approach.Be silent and listen also listen and be silent sometimes.
Understanding: Don’t make decisions on the spot, try to forgive and accept each other faults and foolish mistakes.Saying sorry is the most powerful word bring this in your life and have a cheerful wedlock.
Compromise: To  live joyous life have a half-half say in all the things,have a unity and feeling of togetherness maintain a tune of good vibrations and happiness.

Follow these steps, have a nice, lively and blessed married life.Best wishes form

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