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Truth behind the Suspicious Marital Status of Ganesha:

The creation of Ganesha is a miracle in itself. It is said that his mother, Parvati, procreated Ganesha from the dirt on her body. There are also many different myths and stories about the marital status of Lord Ganesha. As Ganesha shared an extremely unique and distinguished bond with his mother and was a shroud devotee of her, many people believe Lord Ganesha to be celibate. While most stories mention Ganesha being unmarried, there are some that say that Lord Ganesha was married to the two daughters of Lord Brahma (One of the three Supreme Lords i.e. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) Riddhi and Siddhi.

Most of the popular mythological stories from South talk about the reason for Ganesha as celibacy being his wish to be in the seva (service) of his mother, Parvati. He has been shown as a devotee of his mother since the day of his birth. To serve his mother for his lifetime, he chose to be a bachelor. There is a popular story to prove the fact that he was a brahmcarin (unmarried). When he was young, Lord Ganesha was playing with a cat, and he started pulling its tail and rolling it onto the ground. Later, when he got tired he went to his mother, Parvati. She was totally covered with mud and dirt and Ganesha asked her, “What happened mother?” Parvati replied, “You remember the cat you were playing with, that was me. I am the divine power that exists in every being”. Thus, Lord Ganesha realized that all the women in any form were the extension of his mother and decided never to get married.

However, most of the stories that come from North India say that Lord Ganesha was married to Riddhi and Siddhi, two beautiful daughters of Lord Brahma. To Lord Ganesha, his mother Parvati was the epitome of beauty and divinity. He considered her to be the perfect woman in this universe. Unable to find someone like his mother, Ganesha went to Brahma (the Creator).  Brahma asked Ganesha, “What brought you here my boy?”  Ganesha told him that he was unable to find any girl who could match the beauty and perfection of his mother. Thus, he created two extraordinarily beautiful women, Riddhi (Intellectual and Spiritual Powers) and Siddhi (Abundance and Opulence).  Lord Ganesha was married to these two Goddesses and later was blessed with two sons Labha (Profit) and Shubha (Auspiciousness) and a daughter Santoshi (Goddess of Contentment).

In the Shiva Purana (a holy book on Lord Shiva) it says that when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati approached King Prajapati for the marriage of their sons to his daughters Riddhi and Siddhi, they both chose Ganesha as their prospective groom.  So both girls were married to Lord Ganesha. Thus, it is a popular saying among Hindus that Riddhi and Siddhi both are worthless without each other.

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